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DigiFi is a technology company that makes digital transformation in lending faster and easier than ever before by combining a powerful and flexible loan origination system with exceptional global support and customization services.

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DigiFi’s platform is built to serve lenders around the world and allows customers to configure region-specific locailzation.

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We offer cloud hosting across a variety of global regions for optimal performance and compliance with local requirements.

“DigiFi’s mission is to help lenders digitally deliver access to credit that improves people’s lives.”

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Joshua Jersey
Co-Founder of DigiFi
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Brad Vanderstarren
Co-Founder of DigiFi

Who We Are

DigiFi grew out of our team’s prior experience building an online lending business. We were frustrated by legacy technology that limited our ability to launch digital products, so we developed our own technology and learned first-hand the challenges of building a digital platform in the highly complex lending industry.

Today, DigiFi’s mission is to help lenders around the world provide digital access to amazing credit products that can improve people’s lives. We eliminate the tradeoff between buying and building with a flexible platform that provides the best of both approaches.

We work with forward-looking lenders that want to grow beyond the limitations of legacy systems, manual processes and outdated structures. We’re a group of innovators working hard every day to ensure our customers are at the forefront of the digital revolution.

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