Building the Future ofLending Technology

DigiFi is the world’s first open-source loan origination system. Download for free, launch in weeks and build customizations to create your ideal system.

Powerful Capabilities

Best-in-class lending features built over 45,000+ development hours, proven in-market and at scale with top lenders

Complete Control

Unparalleled configurability, open APIs for connecting other systems and unlimited custom code-level extensions

Free Forever

Install and run the DigiFi platform in your preferred cloud or on-premise hosting environment at no cost

Comprehensive platform. Modular capabilities.

Our flexible platform and unique approach provide the foundation for lenders to launch innovative systems faster and better than ever before

Streamlined Lending CRM

Manage the end-to-end lending process through intuitive modern interfaces with built-in underwriting, document management, e-sign, task automation and customer management capabilities


Flexible Decision Engine

Integrate data sources and predictive models, create rules-based decision processes and generate instant underwriting and fraud detection results – all without needing to write any code


Integrated Machine Learning

Leverage your loan history data to train predictive credit risk models with automated machine learning, evaluate using automatically - generated charts and graphs and deploy with a single click


Open-API Architecture

Connect other systems and build custom digital experiences on top of DigiFi’s open-source platform, with fully-documented APIs that make it easy to deploy seamless system-to-system connections


Debating whether to build or buy your LOS?

Get the best of both with DigiFi’s end-to-end open-source lending platform

Ready-Made Solution
Fast Implementation
Support & Training
Control Over Features
Unique Customizations
Flexible Hosting Options
Contributor Community