The New Standard in Process Automation

DigiFi empowers businesses to easily automate manual processes

Automation is challenging. We make it easy.

DigiFi lets users quickly automate manual workflows to save time, reduce costs and eliminate errors.

Process Automation Made Easy

Quickly replace repetitive manual tasks with automated workflows

Deploy Artificial Intelligence

to enhance human judgement

Generate Documents

to replace document creation by hand

Extract Text Using OCR

to eliminate labor-intensive data entry

Send Emails & Texts

to communicate with customers and users

Connect to Data Sources

to prevent manual information gathering

Execute Rules & Calculations

to make decisions and produce outputs

Built For Business People

Automate end-to-end processes without writing any code


Build processes through a drag-and-drop interface


Add in business rules with point-and-click ease


Immediately generate automated results

DigiFi provides the world’s most intuitive automation platform, empowering business users to implement automation and artificial intelligence, with no technical development or data science expertise required.

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